Randy's story illustrates the power of our Success Therapies...

170 Pounds Lighter...

"My weight dropped from an obese 350 lbs to an athletic 180 thanks to the Success Therapy sessions by Dr. Porter!. That's a total of 9 pant sizes! Most importantly, I've kept it off for nearly 3 years!"

"I'd been overweight my entire adult life. I gained 100 lbs between the ages of 20 and 25 and kept gaining. On airplanes I had to borrow the demo seat belt just to buckle myself in. I've tried every crazy diet, fad, pill, gimmick and read the self-help books. The low-carb diet seemed great at first. As soon as I had one piece of bread, though, I was done. I was 32 years old and if I didnt change, I was going to have a heart attack before age 40. I needed to start by fixing the way I thought."

New Year's Resolution Come True!

"I started the program as my New Years resolution at the beginning of 2008. Instantly, I slept better at night and my habits started changing. I drank a lot more water without thinking about it. After listening to an audio session, Id go to the fridge and automatically be drawn to the fruits and vegetables. "

"I lost weight like crazy that first year. Even when the weight loss slowed, my changes continued. I haven't been this light since I was 17! Not only did I lose all 170 lbs, but I've kept it off 2-1/2 years. 5 more lbs and I'll be exactly half my old weight. I'm so stoked! "

All because of the Success Therapies!

"I'd been eating to cope with stress, but with SMM I found new ways to cope. I have a well-balanced lifestyle now. The Neuro-Sensory Algorithms is an amazing tool; I love listening to the sessions. It's my time to unplug from the world, to focus on me, relax and lower my stress level. When youre super relaxed and focused, everything sinks in and you're able to solve your problems. "

"I'm living proof that these Success Therapies aren't just another fad diet that won't last; I've been able to reprogram my brain so the way I look at food and the way I look at life are different. That's why I'm confident I'm going to keep my weight off for good."

"Whatever your goal, the Success Therpaies will improve your quality of life. It's not just that it works; it's the only thing that worked for me."

-- Randy Clusiau, Toronto, Canada

Weight Loss Success

Randy Clusiau