Starting with Your Success Therapies

This web page will help you get started with your LivingSocial Success Therapies.

It will take about 20 minutes and a SET OF EARBUDS (or headphones) to complete the tasks on this page. Please be sure to allow enough time.

Step 1. Watch this 90-second video

Step 2. Watch 90-second video #2

Step 3. Experience a Success Therapy

Click the link below to set up your user account for access to our Success Therapy demonstration. Be sure to put on your earbuds/headphones and listen to this 10-minute demonstration session in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

Further instructions for selecting and accessing your choice of three Success Therapies from our library of over 60 sessions will be provided to you by email.

Weight Loss Application

Step 4. Select Your Personal Success Therapies

After listening to the sample Success Therapy, it's time to select 3 Success Therapies for your personal use.

Click the link to review available Success Therapies or click the PDF icon to download a copy for printing / offline review:

View all 60+
Success Therapy listings

Weight Loss Success Therapies

Step 5. Submit Your Success Therapy Choices

Once you have selected your 3 Success Therapies, complete the form below to submit your choices and have them activated.

New choices are generally activated wtihin 24-48 hours of receipt.

Weight Loss Success Therapies