Setting up Your Doctor Consulation

This web page will help you set up your LivingSocial Doctor Consultation.

In order for us to have an effective consultation, we first need to collect some information on your weight loss history, body metabolism and more.

Therefore, when you're ready to schedule your appointment, please fill out the Profile Questionnaire by clicking below.

Complete Your
Profile Questionnaire Now

The questionnaire will take about 15 minutes total, so be sure to allow enought time to adequately answer all questions.

Once you've completed the Profile Questionnaire, you be able to set up your doctor appointment for a time that fits your schedule.

NOTE:   Doctor Consultations are normally completed from your home/office using telephone + internet.   If this is a problem, be sure let us know in the comments section of the Profile Questionnaire.

Not Ready to Start Now?

If you're not ready to complete the Profile Questionnaire or attend your Doctor Consultation yet, that's no problem at all.

To register later, just come back to this page whenever you're ready to get started and complete the questionnaire at that time.

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Meet some of our Doctors...

Each LivingSocial participant will start with a one-on-one Doctor Consultation with the doctor personally-assigned to them.

Dr. Stacey

Dr. Stacey has gone through the program herself to lose 37 lbs of post-baby fat. She now proudly helps others achieve the same results.

Weight Loss Doctor - Dr Glines
Dr. Stacey Glines

Dr. Tiffany

Dr. Miller has followed Dr. Stacey's of using the program to lose over 32 lbs. She is excited to share her experiences with you.

Weight Loss Doctor - Dr Miller
Dr. Tiffany Miller

Dr. Dell

Dr. Dell is an active author with a biweekly weight loss column in the Alvin newspaper. He has served the Alvin-area community for over 5 years.

Weight Loss Doctor - Dr Blackwell
Dr. Dell Blackwell

Dr. Alice

Dr. Alice is a mother, triathelete & doctor, focusing on bringing fitness and the naturally-thin lifestyle to Houston residents since 2008.

Weight Loss Doctor - Dr Sexton
Dr. Alice Sexton

Dr. Donald

Dr. Riefer has studied nutrition for over 30 years and brings a whole-body focus to the team, helping patients overcome negative lifestyles to maintain their healthy weight.

Weight Loss Doctor - Dr Riefer
Dr. Donald Riefer