AmazonLocal Program Activation

Meet the Doctors...

Each AmazonLocal participant will start with a one-on-one Doctor Consultation with the doctor personally-assigned to them.

Dr. Stacey

Dr. Stacey has gone through the program herself to lose 37 lbs of post-baby fat. She now proudly helps others achieve the same results.

Weight Loss Doctor - Dr Glines
Dr. Stacey Glines

Dr. Tiffany

Dr. Miller is our newest doctor and following Dr. Stacey's example of completing the WeightWorks program herself so she can share her experiences with you.

Weight Loss Doctor - Dr Miller
Dr. Tiffany Miller

Dr. Dell

Dr. Dell is an active author with a biweekly weight loss column in the Alvin newspaper. He has served the Alvin-area community for over 5 years.

Weight Loss Doctor - Dr Blackwell
Dr. Dell Blackwell

Dr. Earl

Dr. Earl is a personal trainer and sports doctor, focusing on bringing health, fitness and now also the naturally-thin lifestyle to his patients for over a decade.

Weight Loss Doctor - Dr Hendrikz
Dr. Earl Hendrikz