Success Therapy #31

Make Daily Activities Your Daily Motivation Doctor Coaching for Weight Loss Success

During this process you will close your eyes, sit back, relax, and visualize how your daily routines can turn into excitement as you mentally cleanse your mind and body and discover the true you. By knowing what you want and following through, even when you don't want to, you build the habits of a naturally thin person.

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The Top 2 Reasons for weight loss failure are BAD HABITS and the STRESS.   Read our Doctor Briefing

At WeightWorks, over 60 Success Therapies help you beat these reasons (and others) for past weight loss failures to finally achieve lasting weight loss success.

Each of our Success Therapies is designed for at-home use and includes the following four components:

      Relaxing Spa-Like Music
      Gentle Rhythms
      Doctor Coaching
      Light Therapy*   (pro version required)

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Additional Information

The Success Therapies used at WeightWorks are an integral part of our doctor-supervised weight loss program and recommended for use by all patients.

These sessions were specailly-developed to help patients overcome the top two reasons for weight loss failure - bad habits and stress.

Many of our patients choose to use HCG and following the HCG Diet as a way to speed their initial weight loss - so we also have special Success Therapies to help at each step of the HCG Diet as well.

All Success Therapies have been extensively tested with both types of patients - those following the HCG Diet and those who chose not to use HCG. In all cases, patients using the Success Therapies report a higher confidence and better results than those without.

These results are based on patients who have come into our clinic locations at 900 Apollo in Houston - Clear Lake, Texas and 173 Tovrea in Alvin, Texas - serving Manvel, Pearland, Friendswood, League City, Kemah, Webster, Seabrook and the greater Houston area; and our clinic at 2600 Eldorado in McKinney, Texas serving Frisco, Allen, Plano, Richardson and the greater Dallas area; and 15640 North 7th Street in Phoenix, Arizona serving Moon Valley, Glendale, Peoria, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Mesa and the greater Phoenix area.

Now, following recent technology developments, we are offering all of our Success Therapies as part of an internet-based weight loss program for at-home use across the USA!

We look forward to serving you - please start with a personal and private doctor consultation - enter code "SUCCESS50" in the discount box of our online application to receive 50% off.

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